Acai Bowls: The Perfect Option for an Energizing Breakfast this Summer

—Dive into the delicious world of Acai Bowls in Guadalajara!


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When it comes to beating the summer heat and starting the day with energy, Acai Bowls become the perfect choice. These delicious and refreshing creations are gaining popularity worldwide, and in Guadalajara, it's no different. Their combination of acai, fruit, and nuts will enchant you.

Acai Wowl

I just visited them in May and became a fan of all the options they offer to customize your bowl just the way you like it. They make it with acai ice cream, giving it an extra touch of freshness. Try the Exotic bowl with kiwi and strawberry or a smoothie where you choose the base and the fruits you love. They have several locations, including one in Andares Market.


Find them on Instagram as @wowlacai

Acai Bar MX

Located in Providencia, they specialize in making super creamy acai bowls that are dairy-free and vegan. Imagine having all these options with that delicious flavor. Order the Deep Blue with a blue base (it has blue spirulina), banana, blueberries, and plant-based protein.


Find them on Instagram as

Verde Bendito

They are a wellness bar with a wide range of options ideal for those who want to take care of themselves without sacrificing delicious food. They have many healthy lunch options, but of course, with the scorching heat of Guadalajara, you can't leave without trying their acai bowl (the Brazilian bowl is delicious).


Find them on Instagram as @verdebenditomx

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