Tasting Menu for an Unforgettable Dinner in Guadalajara.


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This post is dedicated to lovers of unique gastronomic experiences, for those who seek to be surprised and captivated by perfectly planned flavors and the perfect pairing of carefully selected wines.


Alcalde by Paco Ruano is arguably one of the most renowned and accomplished restaurants in Guadalajara in recent years. Whether you visit alone or accompanied by one of the guest chefs, Alcalde never fails to impress with its menu. It's difficult to describe what you'll taste if you visit, as their menu evolves on each occasion. Their cuisine respects seasonal ingredients and pays a rightful tribute to traditional Mexican cuisine, which they describe as "franca" cuisine.


Find them on Instagram at @restalcalde.


Possibly not as well-known as it should be, Furtivo is one of those hidden gems that you won't want to let go once you find it. Their menu offers author's cuisine, where you'll find unique proposals that you won't find anywhere else. The attention to detail is excellent, and their passion for cooking is reflected in each and every dish.


Find them on Instagram at @furtivo.gdl.


Known for its unique and highly creative approach, Hueso flawlessly executes its menu and concept. Chef Poncho Cadena aims for the idea of sharing and savoring food in a group, and he achieves it perfectly. Their communal tables invite us to share the experience with the person next to us. The ambiance is incredible, filled with bones, crustacean shells, and white-colored kitchen elements that perfectly complement the dishes delivered by the chef.


Find them on Instagram at @hueso_restaurante.

Tete Cocina de Barrio

With a monthly changing tasting menu, Tete Cocina de Barrio offers everything you need for an unforgettable experience. The meticulous planning of each dish on the menu, created by Karla and Mario Papa, places it among the most promising restaurants in high cuisine in our state. They elevate the culinary traditions of Jalisco to new heights and give importance to rewriting traditional recipes.


Find them on Instagram at @tetecocinadebarrio.

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